Welcome to the Perm International Marathon 2017!

EVENT DATE: Sunday, 03 September 2017
PLACE: Perm, Russia
ORGANIZER: Administration of Perm City

The first Perm KAMA Marathon is one of the most unusual marathons of Russia.
Defeat the harsh conditions of the industrial region in the city from which Europe begins.

The main prize for the victory in the marathon is 500 000 rubles, the total prize fund is 1 million 800 thousand rubles !!!


The Perm Marathon will take place for the first time along the central streets of the city on September 3, 2017. The start and finish of the Marathon on the square near the Theater-Theater.
Competitions for men and women are held at distances:
— 42 km 195 m KAMA Marathon 2017 — Registration on the marathon — the cost of participation 2000₽ or $34
— 21.1 km half marathon KAMA 2017 — Registration on the half-marathon — the cost of participation 1800₽ or $30
— 10 km — Registration on the race of 10 km — the cost of participation 1200₽ or $20
— 3 km — Registration on the race for 3 km — the cost of participation 800₽ or $14

10% of the collected funds will be directed to the development of children’s sports in the neighborhood «Krasnova» in the city of Perm!

Official page of the marathon on RussiaRunning.com

Program of the day:

08:00 Opening of the starting and finishing town
09:00 General start of the races at the distance of 42,195 km, 21,098 km and 10 km.
10:00 Start of the relay teams at a distance of 42,195 km.
13:30 Start of the mass race for a distance of 3 km.
14:00 Start of the costume race for a distance of 1 km.
15:00 Finish closing. Rewarding of winners and prize-winners on a distance of 10 km.
15:30 Rewarding of winners and prize-winners on distances of 3 km and 21,098 km, relay teams
16:00 Awarding of winners and winners at the distance of 42,195 km.
17:00 Closing of the start-finish town

Information by phone +7 (342) 215-52-59

Regulations on the Perm Marathon

Press-release about the marathon on the site of the Administration of the city of Perm

Photo by Ilya Lipin http://ilipin.livejournal.com/58993.html

Антон Толмачев